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Capture the best-quality subprime auto leads and keep them exclusive to your dealership!

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Easy flat-rate billing every month.

We ask for a commitment of 3 months

with invoices paid within 14 days.

Campaign spends are managed within our own agency accounts. We do not access your Ads Manager or have Facebook send you a bill for advertising.

Connect With An

Engaged Audience


By the time in-market shoppers request to be contacted, they've engaged with your inventory, branding & custom message.

They feel welcomed and want to learn more about subprime auto loan services for Bad Credit, No Credit, Bankruptcy, or Prior Repo.

MCWD Brand Awareness Power Pack

Our comprehensive welcome strategy guides car buyers through multiple touchpoints, a journey that warms them up and makes a measurable impact on sales calls and website traffic.

Custom Message on Your Facebook

The subprime group can feel down and out from multiple rejections so welcome them to your dealership. Weekly posts on your Facebook business page feature engaging content & custom images from our professional creatives.

We’ve seen even greater success developing a "sister brand" to better service the needs of your special finance audience.

Video Campaigns Made for Mobile

Video is so powerful trends show 3X higher social engagement versus still images. That's why we love to showcase our clients branding and inventory in custom-produced videos.

It is a great way to capture the attention of potential subprime customers, especially with multiple Facebook, Marketplace and Instagram ads behind it!

Originate Your Own Leads

We custom-produce videos that help you generate special finance leads of the best-quality and keep them exclusive to your dealership!

Our most successful lead-generation campaigns utilize Facebook's high-converting forms. These are easy to fill out on mobile and we customize them for your dealership's goals.

Invite Traffic to Your Website

You've made a strong first impression. Now help more customers discover your dealership. After sign-up, leads are invited to browse inventory and their info is sent to you for immediate action.

Buyers are pretty serious at this point. Google Analytics for our clients report visitors from the lead form are active for 2+ minutes on average.

Reach Locals With Your "Why Buy"

In addition to asking customers to take action, our program boosts your brand awareness with high-frequency reach ads targeted to people living or working nearby.

More than car features, this campaign focuses on what sets your special finance department apart and brings greater awareness to your local auto loan services.

Monthly Highlights


  • Facebook: Page Insights

  • Google Analytics: Traffic Activity

  • Budget Allocation

  • Samples of Creatives

  • Spreadsheet of All Lead Data

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