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How qualified are the leads?

The customers that are requesting to be contacted have seen your inventory, branding & custom message. For targeting we like to use your past customers for a "look alike audience" or an audience that mirrors past customers. We use your inventory to promote Lead generation using both Video and images of your vehicles for a nice first impression of your dealership and the customer wanting to Learn More.


How many cars am I going to sell?

That is a tough one! Usually 3-5 vehicles for 100 leads and a Brand Awareness Power Pack. In many cases the special finance customer is leery of wasting their time and has already been to many different dealerships, promised a vehicle, then Told NO. Your staff will need to be prepared with a large amount of industry experience and knowledge in order to properly prospect, sell and fund a special finance contract.

For campaigns to be successful there must be a strong "3-Legged Stool":

  • 1) Inventory that matches the campaign that we are running

  • 2) Banks that indeed offer the campaign message that we are promoting for Bad Credit, No Credit, etc.

  • 3) Well-trained staff who quickly use their knowledge to confidently guide customers thru the Special Finance journey of underwriting guidelines to the final delivery experience.

Are the leads exclusive or shared?

The leads that we provide are yours exclusively. MCWD Power Ads does not provide third party leads or generic forms. This is a unique program specific to your inventory, messaging and branding goals.


Can I track lead activity viewing my website?

Yes! We track all lead activity generated from our Lead Generation campaigns to your website through Google Analytics. Normally we are in the top 10 for all traffic and lead all vendors for time spent on website with an average time around 3 minutes for our campaigns.


What if I'm good in Finance but don't have time to call 100+ leads in a month?

If you can get the customers approved, but feel calling customers is wasted effort for you or your sales staff, we have GREAT NEWS for select clients!!

Meet India Johnson, she is in charge of our Virtual BDC Department. Using our MCWD CRM, she nurtures leads daily with calls and texts that meet your business goals.

  • Set Appointments
  • Collect Stips
  • Online Credit Applications

India is in constant contact with you about solid leads and will need your help to call people ready to come in. This intro gives the customer warm fuzzies and improves your appointment show percentages.

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Hi, I'm Tom! During 30+ years of serving the Special Finance Automotive Industry, I've worn many hats. My first experience was back in 1989 selling cars; then I was promoted to Special Finance Manager for 8 years. Using my F&I experience, I transitioned into an Indirect Auto Bank Rep and trained other Special Finance Managers across Michigan and Ohio. Next I shifted into digital and print automotive advertising sales.

I also produced & distributed my own auto mags for independent and franchise dealerships. Motor City Wheelz & Dealz was born in the heart of Detroit. Within 2 years, we expanded to (4) 100+ page glossy magazines with coverage from Flint, Michigan to Cleveland, Ohio. By 2014, these were the nation's largest publications for automotive special finance.

Today I am the owner of MCWD Power Ads, a trusted digital and video marketing agency established in 2017. The MCWD network of influence, including Facebook groups like Detroit Cars For Sale, as well as company pages such as MOTOR CITY Wheelz & Dealz, includes tens of thousands of followers.

Our customer power-journey approach of talking finance, not price, has shown higher gross profit for our clients. But I’m not here to tell your dealership what it needs - I ask what you want and then deliver. I have a genuine passion for helping dealerships resonate with the bad credit audience. Learn more about our complete plug-n-play system!

Nobody Does It Like This!



Bad credit leads can be difficult to resonate with because so many feel down and out from multiple rejections. Our specialty is making sure they know there is a place for them at your dealership.


Since the sales process is unique, so is our message. A customer's credit app will dictate the selection of vehicles available to them, which makes price and monthly payment less of an issue. We've helped dealerships resonate with the bad credit crowd by advertising the down payment and approval more than specific vehicles.


MCWD Power Ads does not provide third party leads or generic forms. This is a different kind of service, one specified to your dealership so the subprime automotive customers are more likely to remember who you are and why you are contacting them.


Invite them to learn more about car finance options available for those facing:

  • No Credit
  • Bad Credit
  • 1st Time Buyer
  • Prior Repo
  • Divorce
  • Collections
  • Medical Debts
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • SSI-Fixed Income
  • 1099-Cash Income
  • Unemployment Income

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