Solid Subprime Leads for Your Automotive Needs

Complete plug-n-play lead system boosts your subprime auto business!

Custom Video Lead-Gen

Power Journey

Drive Up the Quality of Your Sales Inquiries!

WARM-UP Build familiarity of your services with a continuous social presence. We recommend developing a "sister brand" to better serve the needs of your special finance audience.

SIGN-UP More than anonymous traffic, we help you get contact info so you can connect with the people who click.

LOOK-UP Buyers at this point are SERIOUS enough they don't just browse, they research your available inventory. Google Analytics for our clients report browsing activity for 2-4 minutes on average.

SHOW-UP Get those warm customers in the door! Leads are primed & ready for your quick call; BDC Support and automated text campaigns avail for select clients.

The Unique Program You've Been Looking For


Video graphics and image templates are always customized with your logo and colors to build your brand


Originate superior quality leads through a Facebook Customer Power-Journey specified to your goals


Customers warm from engaging with your Inventory, Branding & Custom Message browse more of your website


Consistently reach your local audience on Facebook with engaging Content, Images and Video

Why Facebook/Meta?

Your Customers Are Already There

It's no secret Facebook is the social powerhouse. Ad campaigns deliver fast traffic and conversion results at cost effective rates. We strive to develop a presence so consistent that customers who sign up remember you and know why you are calling them.

Advanced Targeting

Facebook’s lookalike audience tools find people similar to your existing customers or people engaging with your page. Let us help you utilize your customer database to create secure, exclusive audiences based on past behavior, such as signing up on a form or making a purchase.

Easy Lead-Gen Process

Facebook Lead Ads keep it simple and personalized. Customers don’t have to leave Facebook and wait for a page to load. They just tap the ad and your form pops up. Several custom forms can be published with messages for specific units or seasonal offers.

Ease of Communication

Trends show successful dealerships contact leads within hours. Facebook syncs your lead data directly to a CRM with custom sourcing so you can take immediate action. Don’t have a CRM? Info can also be emailed in real-time or take advantage of MCWD Power Ads’ simple leads center and BDC support.

Measured Results


  • Exclusive Real-Time Leads

  • Facebook Page Insights

  • Top Ad Campaign Results

  • Google Analytics Website Traffic

We've Got You Covered








Video Views

Lead Power-Journey

starting at $3,000

No Start-Up Costs! No Surprises!

Easy flat-rate billing every month.

We ask for a commitment of 3 months

with invoices paid within 14 days.

Campaign spends are managed within our own agency accounts. We do not access your Ads Manager or have Facebook send you a bill for advertising.

Hands-Free Management


We set up everything so you can focus on your customers. You can count on us to develop fresh new ideas with the whole works.

From graphics and scripts to tracking attribution and more, we are known for excellent service and technical skill.

Success Stories


Sean Wilson, Finance Manager

The Credit Miracle Network Team at Jim White Honda


Being part of the Pilot Program, the crash test dummy for your new BDC Support feature, wasn't so dumb! It has become the plug-and-play feature to my advertisement and social media. Bing appointments set; Application sent in que, ready to go.

70 plus percent of customers show with stips in hand and with reasonable expectations. Most want to meet India, asking "Where's that India" as they come in the door. She makes a connection that transfers on to me and my store. Her persistence and personality allows me to do what I do best: Get 'em Done and Delivered!!

This program has been an additional 10 plus sales a month. Joy and Tom do the Social Media Messaging with little to no waste of time back and forth. They are on-point, driving leads to India, which seems to have created a funnel system with all solid leads ending up with me. MCWD Power Ads are the X-Factor in growing my Brand awareness in a crowded confusing market place.

My X Team, thanks again.

P.S. Love ya India

Adam Dery, BDC Manager

Midtown Auto Marketplace Brought

to You By James-Martin Chevrolet


In the ever changing virtual marketplace, those who are seen and heard most frequently are the most victorious.

The ease of communication between your customer and the dealership has become the ultimate enigma.

MCWD provides in-depth strategies on digital marketing that keep our dealership both relevant and competitive, while also creating smooth transitions of communication between the dealership and its potential customers that help to solve that enigma.

This has helped to drive revenue opportunities at a reasonable cost with a significant outreach, and virtually eliminates the need for the traditional direct mail approach.

Let’s Build Your Lead List Together!


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